ID student, attention plz....9.10.08

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ID student, attention plz....9.10.08

Post by KH on Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:57 pm

ID student, i noe is hard to ask u all design T-shirt == but juz try plz, plz show me b4 sunday, i noe next week got presentation, a tough presentation...
but wat can i do??? == juz try your best plz...

and if u dun have, there is another choice for u...u can bring your 2nd hand stuff to me, as they had decided to sell 2nd stuff, which is cost more n earn more...
plz juz pick 1 and do...

dis post could have show which one never even visit once in a week....=.=
plz id student...
do it for MEE thn, hahaha!! XD

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