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Burn-E :: Pixar's New Short Empty Burn-E :: Pixar's New Short

Post by Hikari on Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:11 pm

Coming along with the upcoming Special 3-Disc Edition of Wall-E DVD, is BURN-E, Pixar’s latest DVD/Blu-ray-exclusive short film.

Included on all editions of WALL-E on DVD and Blu-ray disc, and directed by WALL-E lead animator Angus MacLane, this is one enjoyable short, on par with some of Pixar’s best —and that includes the theatrical ones.

As expected, BURN-E (runs 7:35) follows the unfortunate little welder robot locked out of the Axiom in the main film —BURN-E— and more precisely his exploits in trying to install a replacement lamp on the starliner and find a way back inside. The film begins as WALL-E hurtles towards the Axiom...

Burn-E :: Pixar's New Short BURN-E_1

Burn-E :: Pixar's New Short BURN-E_2

Burn-E :: Pixar's New Short BURN-E_3

Images courtesy of The Pixar Blog.

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