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Our first meeting update Empty Our first meeting update

Post by nntrung on Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:19 pm

Hi everyone,

Today we already carried out our first meeting. In general, the meeting was about:

1. Choosing the theme for our graduation. Later we will vote for this, everyone please participate.

2. Where our exhibition will be held. Just to let u guys know we cannot use the gallery, instead the college told us to use room A1+A2 for our exhibition. So the Marketing Dept. is in charge of finding another place suitable for our exhibition. They will also looking for sponsorship. If you guys have any suggestion, please feel free to contact Clara.

3. How we are gonna raise the fund We will be waiting for the Marketing guys to work out the amount of money we need for this graduation campaign. For the time being, the committee agreed on this plan - we are gonna sell t-shirt, accessories, caricature, and do hand & nail art in the flea market and also in front of TOA. I hope that we can proceed this next weekend. So Sam please contact the SSD to ask for their permission as well as those in charge and report to me or Elroy or Jia Voon by next Wednesday.

Those didn't come to the meeting, please ask your executives for more information.

And our next meeting will be on Thursday, Oct 9.


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